Recent Faculty Publications on spirituality, myth, and activism

Assistant Professor, Robert Gutierrez-Perez has recently published articles centering on issues of spiritual activism, actual spirits, and the storytelling surrounding them.

“Bailando Con Las Sombras: Spiritual Activism and Soul Healing in the War Years” is co-authored with Dr. Luis Manuel Andrade and is published in Qualitative Inquiry. By utilizing performative writing and personal narrative, this poetic essay dives into the personal and collective trauma of the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. As part of a special issue on Pulse, the co-authors (re)perform the dialogue and queer of color worldmaking that emerged from their frantic text messages to each other in the aftermath of this horrific moment in the Latinx and/or LGBTQ community. We argue that spiritual activism in the form of soul healing and radical interconnectedness is one path of many to consider for those who continue to question if their bodies matter in this political moment in culture and society.

“Sarah Winchester & the Winchester Mystery House, or Confronting the Ghosts of Genocide & White Guilt” is published in CHEERS FROM THE WASTELAND. This journal is a place-based journal that features creative work “by people with ties (loose, iron strong, and everything in-between!) to San Jose, California. Through words, images, and sounds, this journal aims to add contours to the wasteland, and surface the undeniable beauty–both underlying and blatant–that sets our city apart.” This piece utilizes monster theory to interrogate and analyze the myths and legends surrounding of Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House.